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The signature flavor for an authentic English curd is bold, fresh with a fine balance of tart and sweet.  It was made back in the 1800's when sugar was very scarce so it is supposed to be tangy.

The classic flavor at that time was lemon or perhaps lime but today  there is no end of great citrus pairings to bring to the table. Classic lemon is never going away but it is fun to take advantage from all the seasonal citrus fruits and perhaps pair with a fresh herb or spice. 

Our holiday flavors include:


Bergamot lime

Cranberry Orange

Tangerine Orange

Raspberry hibiscus

Passion fruit

Our summer flavors include of course the classic lemon but also:

strawberry rhubarb

lime with notes of summer garden mint 

blueberry lemon

blackberry with notes of star anise

fresh Porter peach with notes of basil

Curds are versatile from morning to evening. Pair them with  greek yogurt, pancakes, waffles, pastries,  cakes, pound cake, meringues, fruit, ice cream, desserts and  fresh berries. 

Various flavors pair well with almond, ginger, chocolate, vanilla as well as a variety of herbs and spices.



some great recipes for you to try


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Phyllo fruit tarts


Soft Fluffy blueberry pancakes


Fruit Tarts


Meringue nests  


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