Hi, I am Lesley Hullman
and the owner of the Absurd Curd Co.

The culinary inspiration to start the Absurd Curd Co. is fueled by my passion for fresh and delicious food, as well as my English roots. I grew up in England where a jar of freshly made luscious lemon curd was always on the table. When paired with my grandmother’s freshly baked bread, it made for a perfectly invigorating breakfast. There is an expression in England that if you are not awake when you get up, you will be after you have had your lemon curd.


When I moved to the States some years ago, I was so disappointed that I couldn't find the same delicious product. The curd that I encountered here lacked the fresh flavor, was far too sweet and was packed with preservatives and unnatural ingredients. 


With an incredible amount of gratitude to Kitchen 66 as a member of their Fall 2017 launch program, I am thrilled to now provide Americans with truly authentic, small batch citrus curds. Made from just four all-natural ingredients, you can now taste the same fresh flavor that originated in Victorian England, but with exciting and modern flavor combinations. 




The right answer to that is just about any time!   


  • Kick start your day by slathering curd on your toast or pancakes  

  • Swirl it into your morning Greek yogurt  

  • Use it as a topping or filling in your favorite cakes, cupcakes, cookies or tarts

  • Mix it with a little frosting for your baked goods

  • Fill in phyllo tarts with curd for a delightfully easy, elegant dessert

  • Add it to some cream cheese and whipped cream to make a delicious fruit parfait 

  • Drizzle it over fresh berries and ice cream

  • Serve it as a refreshing complement to your cheese platter


When all else fails, many have told me that they love to eat Absurd Curd right off the spoon!


The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait for you to try!


Let me know your thoughts and ideas on Facebook and Instagram: @absurdcurdco